Secret Weight Loss Diet Formula From Celebrity Ladies

Are You Ready To Lose Weight With The Rosie Huntington Whiteley Diet?

Have you found it a struggle to lose weight in the past?

Are you constantly trying everything you can think of to shift those extra pounds, but with no success?

Do not worry! This is a common problem for many women. You may wonder why other people have success with the things you’ve tried, yet you haven’t. This is because everyone is different and whilst some things work for one person they might not for another.

This doesn’t mean that you just give up! It means you need to try a different approach.

The Rosie Huntington Whitely Diet is one thing that many people who have failed with other regimes, have had success with!

It is common knowledge that all the fad diets out there are a waste of time, not only are they constantly putting a strain on your body, but they only ever work in the very short term! Once the diet has finished, the weight just seems to pile back on.

Fortunately, the Rosie Huntington Whitely Diet is for the long term, meaning that once you lose that weight, you’ll be keeping it off for good!

So Who Exactly Is Rosie Huntington Whitely?

Sometimes known as Rose, she is arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet! Boasting assets that many women can only dream of having and with her latest role in transformers 3 bringing her firmly into the limelight, women around the world are striving to look like her.

The beautiful Victoria’s Secret model ensures that she works out on a regular basis, and follows a strict natural diet plan to maintain her shapely body. She is against any weight loss tactics that involve starving or weight loss pills.

The Rosie Huntington Whitely Diet Plan Revealed!

The following tips come from Rosie’s personal trainer and are what she practices everyday to ensure that her fabulous figure stays in shape. If you are looking to shed the pounds safely and quickly, then practice the following and you will see amazing results!

Concentrate On Chewing:

New studies have revealed that the longer you spend chewing your food, the fewer calories you will consume. The studies revealed that when a person chewed each mouthful 40 times, they consumed 12% less food than the people who only chewed 15 times.

This suggested to researchers that binge eating and not chewing enough, could have an effect on people being overweight.

The same study also revealed that people who were overweight chewed less and ingested more food than their slimmer counterparts.

Experts believe that when someone chews for longer, it prevents them over-eating as it gives the brain more time to register that they are full.

It takes the stomach around 20 minutes to register that it is full, so by chewing slowly you will find that you do not need as much food to feel full.

Eat Straight After You Wake Up

You have probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Well it’s true. It has been clinically proven that people who eat within one hour of waking up are generally slimmer and less likely to suffer from food cravings than those who do not eat breakfast.

When you awake, your body’s chemistry is at its peak, so anything that is consumed at this time will be used to the maximum effect. Studies reveal that twice as much body fat can be lost when the majority of your daily calorie allowance is consumed at breakfast.

If you skip breakfast it effectively slows down your metabolism and can also lead to sugar cravings throughout the day!

Focus On What You’re Eating

This is a particularly important part of the Rosie Huntington Whitely Diet because experts have found that those who are distracted whilst eating their meals often consume more. This is because the brain cannot receive the signals to tell it that you are full!

Women who struggle to lose weight are especially susceptible to this and research has found that they consume more calories when eating at the same time as doing other activities.

Watching TV, listening to music and talking on the telephone are shown to be the main distractions, with one study showing that people who were eating whilst juggling these other activities, consumed twice as many biscuits as those eating in silence.

Be Careful When Cooking

If you overcook your food it can kill off some of the important nutrients within the food. When you feel hungry, it is the nutrients that your body is craving, not the food itself!

So the less nutritious your meal is, the more likely you are to snack in between meals.

This is why it is important to ensure that your diet regularly consists of vegetables that have been steamed or blanched and meat that has been grilled or baked. Microwaving vegetables can actually kill up to 97% of the important antioxidants they contain.

Eat Fruit On An Empty Stomach

Although fruits are very healthy, they should only be consumed on an empty stomach. This is because they contain sugars that are broken down differently to other foods. As fruit only takes 30 minutes to digest, if it is consumed after eating a big meal full of carbohydrates or proteins, it will simply ferment in the stomach, meaning you will not get any of the nutrients.

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Don’t Eat At Night

Your body slows down at night and your metabolism is not at full speed. If you are sleeping after you eat the digestion process takes much longer and the food cannot be used for energy. When food is not used for energy it gets stored as fat!

Eat small And Often And Drink Plenty Of Water

By eating small and often, you will avoid an energy dip during the day. This will mean you are less likely to reach for a sugary snack. Drinking plenty of water will also keep hunger pangs at bay by keeping you fuller for longer.

If you follow the above Rosie Huntington Whitely Diet tips, then I’m positive that you will reach your weight loss goals quickly and efficiently! Ignore all the fad diets, it just takes a few slight adjustments to your normal routine, and the results will come!


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